Kakinada Exploratory Drilling   
Project Code 6000004618
Project Name Kakinada Exploratory Drilling
Project Type Capital Project Status Active
Sector Oil & Gas Project Stage Planning
Project Cost Rs. 710.00 Cr.  Project Phase Clearances
NIC Subcode(s) Description
06102 Onshore Extraction Of Crude Petroleum
Facility Name Kakinada Drilling Site Status Planning 
Sector Oil & Gas Main Energy Source Diesel  
Commissioning Date 12-2019  Other Energy Sources  
Address Oil India Limited, D. No. 11-4-7, Nookalamma Temple Street Ramarao Pet,
Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
533004, India
Telephone 0884 -2302176
Fax 0884 -2352383
Owner Oil India Limited Oil India Limited Website http://www.oil-india.com
Operator Oil India Limited Oil India Limited Website http://www.oil-india.com

Oil India is planning exploratory drilling of 18 wells in KG-ONN-2004/1 onland block, Kakinada. The project involves exploratory drilling of 18 onshore wells and has been listed out as an extension project for the already existing 12 well drilling project. Currently, the project is in clearance phase. The environment clearance for the project is expected by Q1 2018. The forest clearance and CRZ clearance for the project are not required. RFQ for the following equipment are expected shortly for: Cementing Unit, Blow Out Preventer, Pressure Gauge, Valves and Well Chemicals.

RFQs for the equipment are expected by January 2018 instead of December end 2017.

Expenditure Approval RFQ Date Release Date Start Date Completion Date Audit Date
Q3:2016 30/Jan/2018 Feb/2018 Apr/2018 Q4:2022 12/Jun/2019
Buy Fuel? Fuel Name Diesel
Name Project Role Designation Company City Phone Audit Date E-mail
Mr.Pradip Das Owner Executive Director Oil India Limited Oil India Limited Kakinada 0884 - 2302176 12/06/2019