Panipat Refinery Naphtha Cracker Unit Project   
Project Code 6000005247
Project Name Panipat Refinery Naphtha Cracker Unit Project
Project Type Capital Project Status Active
Sector Oil & Gas Project Stage Planning
Project Cost Rs. 1,500.00 Cr.   Project Phase Clearances
NIC Subcode(s) Description
Facility Name Panipat Refinery (IOCL) Status Running 
Sector Oil & Gas Main Energy Source Electricity  
Commissioning Date 1998  Other Energy Sources  
Address Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Panipat Refinery, MDR,
Panipat, Haryana
132140, India
Telephone 0180-2578833
Fax 0180-2578120
Owner Indian Oil Corporation Limited Indian Oil Corporation Limited Website
Operator Indian Oil Corporation Limited Indian Oil Corporation Limited Website
Unit Name Unit Status Unit Category Commissioning Date

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has selected Engineers India Limited as a PMC contractor and licensor CB&I Lummus to expand its Naphtha Cracker Unit including associated units from the current 800 KTA ethylene to 947 KTA ethylene in its Panipat refinery. Part of this expansion is to consider additional feed from an ethane/ethylene recovery unit and to increase the production capacities for the NCU, MEG, HDPE and PP Units. RFQ for the Electrical equipment is already out. Engineers India Limited itself will do the Pre-FEED and FEED work. Further RFQs are expected soon. Major equipment required are: centrifugal & reciprocating compressors, centrifugal & reciprocating pumps, Columns, Valves, Heatexcangers, feed pumps, Reflux drums, Reactors, Nozzles, Emergency shutdown valves, level transmitters, level sensors, mixing tanks with agitators, flow meters, level sensors, vessels, high head pumps, regenerator, main fractionator, propylene splitter, flanges, valves, strippers, motors, reformer tubes, foot valves, auto recirculation valve, amine cartidge filters, torque wrenches, level switches, thermocouples, thermowells, antifriction bearing, transformer, heat tracing system, spray nozzle, columns, heat tracing system, tube inserts, bolt tensioners.

RFQ for the mechanical equipment is expected by July 2018.

Expenditure Approval RFQ Date Release Date Start Date Completion Date Audit Date
Q4:2016 Jul/2018 Sep/2018 Q4:2018 Q2:2022 02/Apr/2019
Name Project Role Designation Company City Phone Audit Date E-mail
Mr.Vijay Angral Owner Manager (Contracts) Indian Oil Corporation Limited Indian Oil Corporation Limited Panipat 0180 - 2526615 30/03/2019