IPG is a place where we value creativity, tenacity and teamwork.

You'll be given the opportunity to work hard, develop critical thinking skills and learn the nuances of building strong, professional relationships.

Your performance and initiative are the deciding factors for your future growth. Our tasks span across geographies and industries, ranging from simple to complex assignments.

Our work is focused entirely on our clients' needs. You will get to develop your competencies across multiple service areas, while gaining in-depth understanding of your core principle. Life at IPG is as challenging as it is rewarding.

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Whatever your core area of expertise, you will gain in experience and learn the craft of analytics and business. You can develop rapidly as you take on a steady stream of new and complex challenges.

You will work on increasingly challenging assignments, lead project teams, advice clients and assume leadership roles within teams.

At any level, you will find yourself advising, managing, problem solving and building solutions. You will be discussing with your team, your team leaders as well as your clients.

What we expect from you

You will be expected not just to accomplish your goals but also set an example for your peers. We cherish innovative thinking and commitment, and we welcome individuals who believe in themselves.

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