Demand Projections

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Demand Projects

Our design and actual capacity matrix for products and raw materials and intermediates used by individual industrial units provides a first-hand and very accurate estimate of incremental all-India demand. We can tell you when and where exactly the demand for particular commodity will fructify.

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The information can be sliced into industrial sub-segments, or further segregated in terms of demand emanating from specific facilities, units, geographies, operators and promoters.

We can tell you when exactly demand will emanate from an industrial unit, giving a supplier adequate time to get in touch with the promoter and pitch for supply contracts.

We can provide a progress report on new capacities coming up which will require raw material supplies. We can tell you whether the project underpinning the demand has passed the capital approval stage and how much longer it will take to be commissioned when the demand for raw materials will emerge. This will give you a better grip on the timelines by when commissioning will take place.

This tool is very useful for suppliers of energy products such as fuel, gas or electricity. Big industrial enterprises require large volumes of energy and an accurate projections help suppliers to plan better.

Our contact data base accurately collects information on people in charge of purchases in facilities and units and allows a supplier to directly get in touch with potential buyers.

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