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We have evolved a unique monitoring mechanism for ongoing projects and installed capacities in the country. The information is picked up directly by analysts via telephone. This bottom-up approach ensures that our data is highly accurate.

We collect information across a range of parameters involving an industrial enterprise, allowing us to monitor all developments within it in an exhaustive manner.

Smart search tools provide an easy way of accessing the data. We help link all the pieces of information together to eventually bring you a tangible business opportunity.

Our business is entirely focused on giving you advance information on a business opportunity. A future RFQ date is what we give you along with verified contact list. So all you have to do is pick up the phone and call and there will be a business opportunity waiting for you.

We will also provide you a large amount of validated data on a piece of equipment or service that you are selling. We tell you where your business opportunity lies in the future.

We have made doing business simple and easy for you.

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