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The market for power equipment and services in India will continue to grow rapidly for many years given the burgeoning demand for electricity. We have put together India's largest project database for the power sector, making it easier for you to scout for business opportunities.

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India is one of the largest markets for power equipment and services in the world.

Our in-house team has collected two sets of data points, one for installed capacities and another for upcoming capacities. A comprehensive matrix has been set in place to capture all relevant information on existing capacity, going down from the level of the company to the facility and on to individual units within a facility. This data is immensely helpful for those looking to cater to maintenance or replacement oriented opportunities.

An automatic e-mail based alert system tells you about immediate requirements for critical equipment and services when a shutdown occurs. Alerts are sent well in advance about the nature and type of the planned maintenance exercise within a power facility or a unit.

Digging deeper, we also collect data for individual pieces of equipment – including the type and specifications of turbines and generators -- within a power facility.

New projects are traced from the drawing board stage and tracked till they are commissioned. We keep you posted right from the time of planning to capital approval to site selection, going forward to basic engineering, selection of contractors, eventually culminating in construction and commissioning. Our analysts are always looking for commercially relevant information, in terms of future RFQ and construction start dates, along with names of key contacts. Actionable intelligence is what we give you to further your business in the Indian power sector.

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