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Engineers in our project monitoring division pick up an avalanche of information from primary sources and one of their jobs is to look at the entire range of equipment and services that a new industrial project may require over a contracting period.

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The result is a wealth of information on specific equipment and service requirements going ahead in a particular industrial sector.

The data provides an invaluable source of highly accurate and validated information for the individual supplier. Depending upon when the RFQ dates come up, reliable demand projections can be made for three to six months ahead, and further to one or two years. Using sophisticated estimation tools, we provide projections going 5 to 10 years into the future.

A trained team can pick up information from facilities and upcoming projects on a given piece of equipment or service which is of interest to a client. The bottom-up approach is therefore much more accurate than other methodologies.

The data can be drilled down in many different ways to provide real value to clients. Requirement for equipment and services within an individual project can be segregated in terms of specific facilities and units, geographies, operators and promoters. The information can be aggregated to the level of the sub-sector or sector to give you a sector wide perspective.

Then again, demand for equipment and services is subdivided into that which is still at the planning stage, and that which has passed the critical capital approval stage. Going further ahead, we segregate the data into requirements for projects that are under engineering and contracting stages.

Other useful tools are also available, including fully validated names and telephone numbers of key decision makers within the promoter company or an EPC or a subcontractor company.

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